Monday, August 20, 2012

being a pin up girl for a week

I have not been a very good blogger lately. In my head I've composed lots of blog entries, but none of them actually made it outside my head! I've finished two months of Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenges and have completed three of Fox in Flat's style dares. But I'm not going to give myself a hard time, or make catching up have to be perfect. So in the spirit of something is better than nothing, here I am restarting my blog and sharing my week as a pin up.

Well not quite a pin up, but I was challenged by Andrea from Fox in Flats to wear brooches, badges, or pins for seven days straight. And I did it, and here's the proof.

Do you like to wear your accessories in different ways?

Friday, June 8, 2012

keeping the dream alive... may photo a day

As I am sure you know by know, I have been playing along with Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge since January. I am really proud to say that I am still going strong, and if anything, I am enjoying it more and more. I share my photos daily on the smartphone app instagram, and there is this amazing little community out there playing along too. I have met all these interesting people from all around the world, and Australia just from sharing my photo a day. I think it is a bit like having modern day pen pals.

day 1 peace | day 2 skyline | day 3 something you wore today
This is what happens when I ask my husband for advice...
me: the theme today is peace, what should I do?
mr g: we've got loads of peas in the freezer (pause for anticipated laughter, caused by hilarious wit)
me: (actually laughing) that's funny, I'm totally doing that.
mr g: (falls over in shock that I thought his joke was funny enough to use)

Adelaide city skyline from the perspective of Chesser Street, standing right outside the Intrinsic front door. It is a beautiful old lane way overshadowed by old warehouses and new office buildings and covered with a canopy of vines.

At the hairdressers on day 3 with a head full of foil and feeling super excited to get my wooly head sorted out.

day 4 fun | day 5 bird 

Day 4 was a Friday so that could only mean one thing. Drinks with my sister. I think Roxy was a little to keen for Friday fun and was waiting a the car door with a big fat glass of wine, like all good friends should.

You would think in a garden so full of trees that I would be able to find a bird to photograph! I heard plenty. I'm pretty sure they were mocking me. In the end this was the best I could come up with. An out of focus magpie and a koala's butt. Even the koala was mocking me.

day 6 you | day 7 someone that inspires you 
On day six I went to a ladies lunch raising money for Variety club at the Adelaide Wine Centre. A friend is in the Mad Max team and asked if my sister would put together a table. It finished up being a brilliant group of girls, all different and all fabulous. I feel really lucky to have so many wonderful women in my life.  These two lovely ladies are both friends I have made since having children and are both very special to me.

Following the theme of beautiful people. As you may know I work for Intrinsic. Intrinsic is owned by Adèle and Jamie Basheer. Adèle writes all the inspirational messages that appear on all our products. Her journey is an inspiration.

day 8 a smell you adore | day 9 something you do everyday 
I didn't quite read day eight's theme properly. I thought it was favourite smell. I had cleverly planned to have dinner cooking in the slow cooker and to brag about my cleverness as I walked into the house to the delicious smell of dinner already cooked. Then I read the list again. A smell you ADORE. I think adore is a pretty strong word, and I am not sure that my casserole in the slow cooker is really quite right for it. But I had nothing else.

Everyday I drink my coffee. Then I pick it up just wishing there was just a little more left. As a side note to drinking coffee and this cup being a takeaway cup. I have made a commitment to myself to not buy coffee in a paper cup. I have been spending too much money on coffee and it has to stop. I am still allowed coffee in glass or ceramic, so that means that if I have bought a coffee I am drinking it in a cafe. That's my rule.

day 10 a favourite word | day 11 kitchen | day 12 something that makes you happy
I was feeling very lucky to go to another fundraising lunch on day ten. This time it was the Crows Foundation raising money for Heartkids. I went to work for the morning and when we arrived I was excited to find out that it was champagne o'clock, my favourite word. It was another brilliant function and again I enjoyed spending time with and some people I know and love, and also meeting some new friends. My highlight was hearing Lisa Wilkinson speak. She was the best speaker I have ever heard. She has an awesome story and told it so well. My sister has a giant girl crush on Lisa and was in awe for the whole time. Lisa spoke for way longer than she was supposed to, so she finished speaking and had to leave immediately to get to the airport on time. I grabbed my sister and her phone and we ran to cut her off at the exit. I garbled something about massive fan and photo please. And Lisa was gracious enough to have her photo taken with Roxy, who almost passed out from happiness.

When I was thinking about happiness on day 12 I looked at the flowers that Roxy (unnecessarily) bought me to say thank you, and my heart just filled with happiness thinking about how that little thing I did, that cost me nothing, and was really quite easy, made her so happy.

Oh yeah, day 11 my kitchen. By careful use of cropping and camera angles, my kitchen actually looks tidy, and it also highlights my two favourite features. The view and the coffee machine,

day 13 mum
Perfect theme for Mother's Day. I am lucky to still have my kind and caring mum live close enough for me to see her when I want. (Although it would be nice to be a little closer to see her more often) I am also lucky to have a gorgeous caring daughter and an awesome loving step-son. On Mother's Day I was counting my blessings. That is for sure. It can be a really, really, tough day. I was spoilt with a treasure hunt planned by miss m to find my present. Then, with a little guidance from mr g, she made me pancakes. The boy arrived home with a bunch of flowers for me and a bunch for my mum. He scored so many brownie points with that! We then went up to Mum and Dad's for lunch, along with my sister and her family. My choice for day 13's photo is my mum with the grandkids.

day 14 grass | day 15 love | day 16 what you're reading | day 17 snack
Oops. Forgot to take a photo of grass today. Remembered at 8:00pm. Asked the Instagram community if we could call it moody and atmospheric, instead of oh crap it's 8:00pm and I haven't taken a photo of grass yet. They were very supportive.

This was the little poem that miss m wrote me to test out the notepaper she gave me for Mother's Day. It is really beautiful and made me teary. Then she added a little extra to the back. Turns out I had to pay 50c if I wanted it!

I had been reading a book of slow cooker recipes, trying to find some different things to try, instead of the usual casseroles.

I almost always have raw nuts to snack on at work

day 18 something you made | day 19 a favourite place | day 20 something you can't live without
I made the decision. I would do the Barossa half-marathon again. You can read all about it here.

After yet another busy Saturday I made it to Victor Harbour to spend the night camping with a really great group of adults and kids. I was so happy to finally sit my self down in front of the campfire with a glass of bubbles. Relaxing with friends is always a favourite place to be. The physical location doesn't really matter.

We were so lucky with the weather and mother nature blessed our bleary heads with the most beautiful sunrise the next morning. We can not live without sunlight, so it seemed like an easy solution for day 20.

day 21 where you stand | day 22 pink | day 23 technology
I know I could have actually made a statement about something meaningful. But it was Monday morning, I was standing at the bus stop. It just seemed easy.

So much pink to choose from. I looked around the room and saw the girls sweat bands sitting in the kitchen. I loved that the Manchester United store had so much girl stuff. And so did miss m.

My technology at work. I love my mac and wacom tablet. They make me so happy at work. A cup of tea also helps.

day 24 something new | day 25 unusual | day 26 12 o'clock
A lovely stack of new books from the library on day 24. I love the library, it's so (nerdishly) cool to be able to choose a massive stack of books that look interesting and not have to put any back because it will be too expensive.

Oh so very unusual on day 25 to have a deliciously empty diary to sit myself down with my new books and a cup of coffee and try to understand how I can make my blog look the way I want it to. I still don't understand yet. But I did have a lovely day.

At 12:00 on day 26 I was walking past Mary Martin's thinking about the lovely coffee I would soon be enjoying.

day 27 sweet | day 28 the weather today | day 29 a number
Day 27 was half marathon day and crossing the finish line and taking off my shoes and socks was oh so very sweet.

I wrote about the beautiful weekend we had in my last post, so I won't bore you with it again. But  the weather was cool and cloudy, and perfect for checking out the wineries.

I put my sneakers back on again to play basketball on Tuesday night. I'm number 7. We lost. But I was pleased that I could play at all to be honest.

day 30 your personality | day 31 something beautiful 
This was a tricky one. To visually describe my personality. I decided rubber band, I think my best trait is that I can go with the flow and adapt to last minute plans. So I went with I am flexible. I also have a habit of overcommitting and not really judging how long things will take. I stretch too far. Sometimes I snap, just ask mr g. But I do always bounce back.

I was rushing off to a meeting at 6:00pm on day 31, and crossing my fingers for a beautiful sunset. We pulled over at our local CFS (country fire service) to take this beautiful shot of the sunsetting over Adelaide as the sparkly city lights were coming on. I think our CFS one of the best views in South Australia.

How has your month been. Are you still sticking to your New Year's Resolutions? Would you like to challenge me that your fire service has a better view? Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 31, 2012

whoo hoo - Barossa half-marathon 2012 DONE

We did it!!! Thanks to the SA Road Runners Club for making the links to the photos available from Smug Mug. I was so pleased to have finished faster than last year (just!) in 2 hours 9 minutes and 16 seconds! Here I am crossing the finish line with my fabulous sister...

Mr G was a superstar to run the 5km with the girl. A lifetime of soccer has left him with two dodgy knees, so he did really well. Especially as the girl surprised him by actually running most of it! Well done to both of them.

Photos Michael Slagter

Apres race at the delightful Maggie Beer's Farm Shop indulging in a little of the Barossa's finest

Pindarie Winery
The Monday after the race we went back to our favourite family friendly winery, Whistler Wines, where the lovely lady suggested we might enjoy going to Pindarie Winery for a pie for lunch. She was so right. Everyone in our group had the lamb, olive and chorizo pie and all declared it to be the greatest pie ever. There was a beautiful space outdoors for the kids to play, and as it is a working farm there were even some lambs which the kids were able to feed (this does not happen all the time) And none of us missed the irony of eating lamb pie!

Pindarie Winery (potentially the reason I ran a half marathon and put on weight!)
It was a fabulous weekend in the Barossa with an inspirational group of adults and children who either competed or were support crew for the competitors. Congratulations to everyone involved. And especially thank you to Chrissi for inspiring and motivating the group to make an event of it and stay over in the Barossa. If it weren't for you Chrissi, I would have been happy with last years effort and never done it again.

Have you smashed any goals lately, or is there something you have your eye on to achieve?

Friday, May 18, 2012

the crazy things I'll do for a weekend in the Barossa Valley

Don't they say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting a different outcome?

Before 2011 half-marathon | And after, with my sister and a lot of bubbles!
Enjoying the Barossa: At Blonde Cafe in Angaston | walking to the playground in Angaston | saying hi to the kangaroos at Whistler Winery | sampling a little drop of red at Whistler Winery (photo credit to my sister Roxy)

Just saying. So its like this, last year I was talked into doing the Barossa Half Marathon (21.5 km for those wondering!) by the promise of  yummy Barossa food and wine at the end of it. 21 kilometres is a really long way! It really hurt. A lot. I ran with my sister, Roxy, and I suspect that with out her presence by my side I could not have done it. I had no intention of doing it again, until a friend sent out an email suggesting, lets do it again, we'll stay at the Tanunda Caravan Park again, indulge in the best of Barossa produce and generally have a blast. Oh and run 21km again!

I just registered this morning so there is no backing out now! Wish me luck!! On the plus side I am actually a little excited. I hope I can do it again, my training hasn't been as good this year, although Roxy and I did run 17km last weekend, so that's a good sign. And I am more than a little excited to spend some time with an awesome group of people. But especially to have that celebratory glass of bubbles after the race.

We're off camping this weekend, fingers crossed for nice weather. Hope you are doing something fun.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a boot-skootingly fun week

I am not starting this post with yikes. I just read my last couple of posts and they both started 'yikes'. And it's not even like it's a cool or trendy word. But I have completed another style dare. Andrea at Fox in Flats put the challenge out there to wear boots for a week. And I knew that this was a challenge I could do without even trying. You didn't even have to wear a different pair of boots everyday. You just had to wear them differently.

But what's the fun in doing a challenge without the challenge. I had a look in my wardrobe and yes! I had enough boots to wear a different pair everyday. But that still wasn't enough of a challenge. I'd had a look on the Fox in Flats Pinterest Boot Pinboard. This got me thinking about all the boot outfits that I've pinned in my Clothes I Love Pinboard. Could I do a week of wearing boot outfits inspired by Pinterest?

(where possible I have given credit and linked to the original image. Please let me know if I have made a mistake and mis-credited)

Day 1
I was packing orders at work on day 1 and I had the bubble wrap going everywhere. Every time I stood up and accidentally trod on the bubble wrap I was secretly loving it.
Inspiration on the left from Les Composantes This blog is in French, so I have no idea what the words say, but the pictures are beautiful. On the right is my version.
Day 2
I remembered an outfit that I had pinned a while ago. Looking at the inspiration and my version it is clear that my memory of the outfit was a little different. But that didn't matter. I felt comfy and stylish and received some really nice compliments on Instagram when I posted my proof photo.

The inspiration...


My interpretation...
Clearly I remembered this outfit differently (ie the original was ballet flats NOT boots!)
Day 3
For ANZAC Day I chose a very loose interpretation of this outfit from, but, well, fashion isn't meant to be prescriptive, it's all about taking a look and making it your own. Or at least thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

I liked the snuggly feel of this outfit and the grey top with black leggings and boots. I had already done both my brown boots on day one and two, so I had to substitute black boots instead. If there had been any chance of rain, my wellies would have got the guernsey they have been desperately waiting for.

We were up early for the dawn service, where my sister and I congratulated ourselves on putting together such stylish outfits at such a ridiculous hour of the morning. After refuelling with coffee I continued the ANZAC theme by making ANZAC cookies. (And yes, sugar free ones. I subbed natvia for sugar and brown rice malt syrup for golden syrup)

I then popped my ugh boots on, plonked myself on the sofa and spent the rest of the day in front of the fire watching the top 100 ANZAC Day BBQ songs and embracing my inner bogan.

Day 4
My photographer was getting bored of taking my photo, so I tried pointing out that it had to be of the boots, and things got a bit silly after that. You can see the inspiration for day 4's outfit at rosa.p. the essence was a print dress with a plain cardy, tights, and black boots. And a nice excuse to wear one of my favourite outfits.

Day 5
I broke my own rule on day 5, but I did have a good reason. Firstly, I repeated an already worn boot in the morning. But, I was in a massive hurry to get to school on time to work in the uniform shop (aren't I good!!) Secondly, and sadly I then had a funeral to go to. I rushed home to change out of my jeans and put on something a little nicer. I didn't really have time to worry about pinterest inspiration. I didn't even have time to wash my hair, so the scarf stayed in. Wearing these boots made me think of a comment someone made (maybe on the Fox in Flats blog) about square toe early 2000's boots. And here I am still wearing them. I think they're okay still?

Day 6
Again I had been hoping for a wellie boot weather for Saturday morning soccer. But as it turned out the girl didn't play anyway. I really took inspiration from the colour and pattern of this outfit. Then I took a deep breath and pulled my cowboy boots out from the back of the cupboard. Then felt quietly horrified as I realised that I bought them in Canada nearly 20 years ago. [that can't be possible, I still thought I was in my mid twenties!!] One of my lovely instagram friends made me feel much better by suggesting I call them vintage. 

JCrew Jeans

My 'Vintage' cowboy boots all the way from Edmonton, Canada

Day 7
For a quick trip to the shops I took inspiration from the image on the left from I had been planning on wearing my elasticised work boots, but they are not RM's, just cheap boys Kmart ones and they just weren't doing it for me. I had gotten to the last day of the dare and it looked like I'd have to do a double up. My sub-conscious must have been on fashion over drive, because I remembered these boots, tucked up on the top of the wardrobe. If day 6's boots were vintage then these are positively antique (well not quite) But I did buy them in 1989 when I was on exchange in Chile. And have held onto them for all these years. 

It turns out that being a chronic hoarder is a good thing. It means I can go thrifting in my own house and discover old treasures full of history for free. How about you? Do you hold onto old clothes or do you get rid of things as soon as the fashion moment passes? And are you loving the cooler weather to be wearing boots again?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

photo-a-day April

Yikes! What just happened to April?! How is it already May? I feel like April was made of sand and it has disappeared through my fingers. So grab a cuppa (or something a little stronger) and let me present my April as seen through the filter of Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge...

day 1: your reflection | day 2: colour | day 3: mail

I was pretty excited to do this challenge on our overseas holiday. It actually turned out to be harder than I expected. Mainly because I am very strict on myself that the photo must be taken on the day of the challenge. And sometimes I was just so busy enjoying what we were doing that I would forget to look for the moment that would match the word!

We arrived in Paris and were super excited to find ourselves staying in a gorgeous spacious apartment. I was taking photos to capture its loveliness when I caught my reflection in the window. And then proceeded to lean half way out the window to try and capture this shot!

I we all fell in love with Paris. Miss M convinced me to buy flowers for our apartment from this gorgeous colourful flower stand. I loved the way that cafes and shops bustled for space with pedestrians creating a beautiful lively atmosphere.

If you did not receive one of these gorgeous postcards, you are not alone. We spent ages choosing and buying them, then never got round to writing and posting. My mum was the only lucky recipient of a card. The only other card that was written was handed over on our return!

day 4: someone who makes you happy
I loved having so much time with my family the actual choice for day four's photo is mr g and miss m dancing around the courtyard of the Louvre (I just included the other two pics because I thought they looked good together and help show how happy we were in Paris)

day 5: tiny | day 6: lunch | day 7: shadow

We went to Disneyland on day 5 and there is nothing tiny about Disneyland, everything is larger than life. I was grasping at straws when I chose tiny green man for day 5. 

I was really starting to drop the photo a day ball towards the end of our holiday. This was our last day in Paris, and we rushed to get the train back to London, and then to Windsor for our last night in England. I forgot to take a photo of the Cornish Pasty I ate for lunch. Luckily the girl had saved half her 
sausage roll for later. 

Our flight home was not until 10:30pm, so we went to Legoland for a last hurrah. It was cold and 
cloudy and overcast. It was also Easter Saturday so absolutely packed! This lego urn in the Lost City of Atlantis ride was the best shadow I could come up with.

day 8: inside your wallet | day 9: younger you | day 10: cold

On the plane on the way home I emptied out what was left in my wallet for UNICEF.

Finally we were back home. And rolling back the years, here I am with my sister in 1978, checking out the flooding on our farm after Sunday School.

My brain was still feeling fried on day 10, so for cold, all I could think of was the fire as a solution to cold.

day 11: where you had breakfast
I made crepes for breakfast to try and recapture the feeling of Paris. Then I looked outside the kitchen window and remembered (just like Dorothy) there is no place like home.

day 12: stairs | day 13: something you found
Visitors to Intrinsic are welcomed by our fabulous pink staircase (and a little pre-visit exercise!)

I dropped my shiny new iPhone in the carpark twice. I now have a cover for it and need to get the screen fixed. Luckily it still works.

day 14: how you feel today | day 15: sunset
I spent the afternoon on day 14 sitting watching soccer at the beautiful St Peter's College chatting to my sister-in-law. I wish our husbands still played for the same club, so that we could do this more often. Mr G now plays on the other side of the city and I never go watch any more. I felt happy and nostalgic and content. But then sad and anxious because Mr G's team lost!

We never see much of a sunrise or sunset from our house, too many trees in the way. But the sunset really didn't matter, as I finally caught up with my family again.

day 16: flower | day 17: something you don't like | day 18: hair

Beautiful flowers from Mr G.

I don't like turning right with out a turning arrow. I also don't like focussing on stuff I don't like.

Braided miss m's hair. Perfect timing.

day 19: orange (part a&b) | day 20: something you drew
I took two photos for orange and chose the leaves, because we'd just done flower a couple of days ago. But I really love both.

Oh my! Trying to chose what to use for something I drew. Talk about performance anxiety. I really haven't done anything new for such along time, everything felt so dated. It was not a work day otherwise I would have chosen one of the new cards. (I am particularly proud of then!) I was going to photograph one of the calendar pages, when I remembered the mugs. I love that I can have my morning cup of tea in a mug I illustrated. Clever me!!

day 21: bottle | day 22: the last thing you bought | day 23: vegetable
Cooking curry for dinner and drinking wine (not from the bottle!). Very nice way to spend a Saturday evening. 

I was stooged by the local kids and bought three walnuts for $1.00. I just liked their entrepreneurial initiative!

I discovered (from someone else on Instagram) that if you store spring onions on the bench in a jar of water, you can snip them and the will keep on growing. I tested this out and sure enough it works. It is May 1 today and my spring onions are still going!

day 24: something you're grateful for | day 25: looking down | day 26: black+white
I watched 'Marley and Me' on the weekend for the first time. I cried and cried and the pup had to be day 24's choice. He's not really a puppy anymore and I can't imagine our house without him.

We went to the dawn service for ANZAC day then I got excited and made anzac biscuits when we got home. I then plonked myself down in front of the fire for the rest of the day.

Another rushed panic shot for black+white

day 27: somewhere you went | day 28: 1pm | day 29: circle
Day 27 was a Friday, so naturally I was at my sister's house. Looking glamourous as always!

I was waiting to pick the girl up at 1pm after a lovely coffee at Mary Martins. Then I realised that pick up time was actually 1:15. Which explains why I was the only parent waiting at 1:00!

Sunday afternoon called for a little glass of something to settle my nerves as I tried to bake and play mousetrap at the same time!

day 30: something that makes you sad

Imagining flames leaping up the valley and destroying everything makes me sad.
But there is no point in dwelling on sad. There are too many good things in life to enjoy and celebrate. Like finishing another month of photo a day challenges and being another month closer to my goal of taking a photo everyday for a year. Or having a fabulous holiday. And saving for the next one. Or having a fabulous birthday and sharing it with gorgeous people. Or just being alive with beautiful friends and family to love and be loved by.

What are you celebrating?

Monday, April 23, 2012

partying my arms off to battle the post-holiday blues

Yikes! I really am getting quite behind, Andrea over at Fox in Flats has already issued a new style dare and I haven't even shared the proof from the last one!! I was on holidays (in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world as my daughter precociously informed me) when I saw that Andrea had raised the gauntlet yet again, daring us to break out of our sartorial comfort zones and add some excitement to our arms with an arm party dare. My first thought was 'I am so doing this one, how cool are my proof of dare photos going to be when I am in Paris', but on the second day I realised that I only had enough bling for one day. *sad face* So I bought a new bracelet! *happy face* But I then couldn't justify blowing what was left of our spending money on bracelets, so I sadly backed out.

We arrived home and it was time to go back to work all foggy headed and jet-lagged, and I thought to myself, what better way to delay the post-holiday blues than by having an arm party for a week?! Who cares if I was doing it a week late. I didn't care, Fox in Flats even says on her blog that you can do a dare whenever you like, what's important is that you do it for seven days. And here is my proof...

Day 1: Black, silver and neutrals, to ease myself back to the real world.

Day 2: My fun Paris purchase.

Day 3: I don't work Fridays, so Thursday nights are my Fridays and it was time to toast the start of my weekend. Not quite sure what I was complaining about when I was coming back to a three day week.

Day 4: Having a silvery arm birthday party. Thank you for the beautiful flowers Mr G. (I did not want a present after going way over budget on our holiday!)

Day 5: A red arm party to sit in the sun and watch the soccer with my lovely sister in law. I wish our husbands still played for the same club, so we could do this more often.

Day 6: It started as a simple arm party, but then my sister rocked up and suddenly things were looking a little more exciting with some extra green bracelets. And my head was a little foggy the next morning after a glass of bubbles (or two or three) too many. But it had been nearly a month since we had last seen each other, so there was lots to celebrate!

Day 7: Back to work on Monday and it was a bronzed arm party for the final day. I thought the colours looked too lovely with our beautiful mug packaging to not include a gratuitous Intrinsic product shot!

Whew! What a week after all the partying I needed to lie down with an ice pack and two panadol!!
But seriously, this one was both easy and fun. Although at times slightly annoying, I don't actually like having stuff on my wrists when I am working, it rattles on the table and bugs me. Quite often I take my bracelets and watch off when I get to work and put them back on at home time! But for the arm party dare I just dealt with it.

I did make an new discovery, that a couple of my necklaces are the right length to wrap around my wrist. I love finding things that can do double duty!

This is the third style dare I've taken part in and what is interesting is how it has changed my thinking. I am still looking at adding an extra couple of bracelets when I get dressed. And months after the black out dare, I still find myself looking to the simplicity of the black in my wardrobe. AND as much as I complained about the sparkle dare, I actually bought a sequinned racer back singlet when we were in London, which I have thrashed. So it seems like, in the fashion world at least, seven days is long enough to form a new habit. I wonder what other areas of life that could work in??

Any ideas... have you formed any new habits lately? And are you going to have a go at Fox in Flats latest boot dare?
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