Monday, March 19, 2012

my week as a disco ball

Andrea at Fox in Flats has done it again... she dared her readers to sparkle from morning to night for seven days straight and like a crazy lady I agreed. Then I realised that I only actually own one top with sequins and only two tops that really sparkly. With an overseas holiday coming up soon (tomorrow!!) there was no chance I could justify buying anything. So I went through my jewellery and then my shoes and phew, it looked like I could do a week of it. So here I am sparkling my little heart out...

It was only day 1 and already I felt like a cheater, the closest I could get to sparkling on my Sunday morning run followed by a cheeky coffee at the most lovely Taylor Blend with my sister was to add an necklace and earrings. It did turn out to be comment worthy. Both my daughter and sister wanted to know what the deal was with the running decorations!

For day 2 I wore a top with silver sparkly thread. I normally only wear this out at night. I had to wear a singlet underneath, it felt a bit too cleavagey for work. But I wasn't so comfortable with the way it looked. I did get a compliment at work though. So thats a win!

I was already feeling stuck and it was only day 3! I added a brooch to my head scarf and popped on my sparkly sandals and was super happy. I suspect that my hair flopped over the brooch, because I didn't get any comments on it, or it just looked crap!

 Out came the big guns on day 4, I bought these earrings about a year ago, and I have only worn them once or twice and only at night. They were just cheapys and I always felt that they looked a bit cheap in daylight! I was definitely not comfortable. But they were certainly showstoppers and everyone at work commented on them. (I'm still not sure that they will get another daylight guernsey)

I wore my only actual sequinned top on day 5. I love this t-shirt, I love the illustration. And the sequins are really quite subtle. I was well within my comfort zone and very happy.

You can't actually tell from this pic, but my top for day 6 has gold thread running through it. I love this top and I added some extra sparkle on my ears and neck, just because I wanted to! This top was also perfect for Fat Mum Slim's March photo a day challenge theme of green

I have to admit to being relieved to reach the end of this challenge, for day 7 I was repeating day 3's sandals with some arm sparkles and my favourite love heart necklace. But compared to my daughter I had nothing! 

What I learnt from my week as a human disco ball:
  1. I should have thought first before I agreed to this dare
  2. But sometimes its fun to be impulsive and let everything sort it's self out.
  3. If I could fit into children's size 10 clothes I would have smashed this challenge!

Do you ever jump in with out thinking? What happens when you do? 

PS I'm off on holidays tomorrow, if I can I'll try and post while I'm away, otherwise I'll see you back after Easter xx


  1. Sandra, I like the way you put things, especially in this post here. The green and the sequinned top are so pretty and so is your daughter. Happy holidays. Have a great time.

  2. Gotta love Andrea's work (ex ADL you know!)- good to see her inspiring others! x pk

  3. I often jump without thinking, most recently it involved a new bunny...
    Over thinking things is my norm, so it it quite often good fo me to just run with some thoughts.
    You sparkled beautifully.... if i fit into my 5 year olds clothes i would've rocked this challenge too!
    Have a great holiday xxx

  4. Love this, loved your 'take' on it, and loved to see your smiling face in the photos each day. Thankyou for joining in Sandra! x Andrea

  5. I love seeing how other people have interpreted the dare! Sparkle on forever, I say!!

  6. I Love your pictures!!!!
    I have a May photo a day challenge coming up! I hope you participate!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I'm not sure that I can maintain two challenges :-)

  7. What a great idea! I think you pulled it off beautifully.
    As for jumping in without thinking:
    - most of the time I think things through before making a decision, if anything I tend to over-analyse most decisions.
    - but when my heart is stirred about something I can make a snap emotional decision about something which occasionally I regret, but mostly I don't.

    1. Quite often those heart decisions are good ones aren't they? My husband is a good counter for my impulsiveness, he likes to think things through, which is good to slow me down :-)


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