Wednesday, March 7, 2012

day 61-67 (march photo-a-day day 1-7)

In a burst of enthusiasm, tiredness and overwhelmedness (hmm spell check is telling me overwhelmedness is not a word, but I'm keeping it) and following from yesterday's theme of trying to get my act together and stop being so late and disorganised, I have written myself some little goals, and a bit of a schedule. Lets just say that I almost achieved it tonight. But the part I am achieving is that I am designating Wednesday to be the day I share my Fat Mum Slim March Photo-a-day pics with you. And here I am doing what I said I would. Unfortunately I need to type faster, because I told myself that screens have to go off at 10:00pm. So I have 10 minutes to finish. Eek this could finish up being a PB for typos!!

day 67 (March 7) - Something I wore
I got dressed really quickly this morning. I really wanted to get to school before the bell, but I had slept in a little, so was a bit behind from the start. After my shower a quick scan of my wardrobe saw this hanging, calling out to me and I said yes! It is an absolute favourite of mine. I love the colour and pattern and it does not need ironing or hand washing. It is comfy for cycling in and suits layering in winter.

day 66 (March 6) - 5pm
5pm should have been in the middle of Miss M's basketball game, but I was too distracted and excited to be thinking about photo challenges. Our school team has not won a game all season (the season started in term 4) The kids are so good about it and just keep on trying hard and having fun. But we know that they all really want to get a win (and let's be serious the parents probably want it more!!) So anyway for the first time we scored first and managed to stay in front for the whole game. And actually win!! This is Miss M's last game for this season. This photo is actually 5:20pm in the tree outside the stadium. Because why wouldn't you celebrate a win by climbing a tree?

day 65 (March 5) - a smile
A chilly smile. It was a little cold for swimming lessons, but for me, it was perfect for sitting by the pool watching and chatting to a friend.

day 64 (March 4) - bedside
I have discussed my bedroom before and nothing has changed, I really don't like it and I really need to prioritise a bedroom makeover into our budgeting and planning. In the meantime for the bedside theme, I looked down to my daggy fluffy slippers sitting on the ground. They were a Christmas gag gift. There was a funny story that went with the reason why they were given to me. But I have forgotten it! And as it turned out, I actually quite like these slippers.

day 63 (March 3) - my neighbourhood
We are very lucky to live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I love it. Except for the buses, or lack of buses. If you are travelling Monday to Friday during peak hours you are fine. But any other time forget about it. During the day the buses are one and a half to two hours apart and there are no evening or weekend services at all. On the plus side you will quite often spot a koala while you are waiting for the bus, and my husband has even seen kangaroos early in the morning.

day 62 (March 2) - fruit
I get my groceries delivered by the very lovely Banana Blue, a local online supermarket. I like the surprise of ordering a mixed fruit and veg box full of whatever is in season. It's not all local, but that's okay(ish) I do love seeing what we receive and the challenge of making sure that I use everything.

day 61 (March 1) - Up
Super excited that I have kept this going now for two months. I am so excited by the idea of having a photo for every day this year. My girl is sitting up the top of the steps posing for me, slightly annoyed because I made her stop watching TV for 2 minutes while I took this. It's a tough life. 

Although day 1 was kind of tough for her. We were back to the orthodontist and she had braces put on her bottom teeth (she already had them on the top ones). Getting braces on can be kind of uncomfortable, so I let her have the afternoon off school and we have a very fun shopping trip to the (now not so new) Zara at Burnside Village. I am not normally at the shops during the day anymore, and I had the disconcerting realisation, as I looked around at all the mums of babies, toddlers and preschoolers out shopping and having coffees, that I no longer have anything in common with them. My girl is now so completely past that stage, that the feeling of camaraderie, seeing mums juggling with dummies and nappie bags and baby wipes and sticky fingers that I used to experience was completely gone. On the plus side I now LOVE shopping with my daughter. She no longer runs away, she can be relied on to wander in a shop and browse with out wrecking stuff, and she will even give me advice on whether something A. looks good on me and B. is my style!

It's now 10:30, so I am half an hour behind my schedule. But that's not too bad. How is your year going? Have you kept on top of your goals or are they dropping away? What do you do to boost your goals when they start to slow down?


  1. Yay for being organised! I'm practicing o being more organised to!
    I am in love with you 'up' photo! So beautiful! I'm so glad tomorrow is friday {doing my happy dance as i type}!

  2. Thanks Leah! And snap with looking forward to Friday, not only is it my day off, but tomorrow is a pupil free day at school too, so no shouting or making lunch in the morning (yay!)


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