Wednesday, February 29, 2012

day 48-60 (february photo-a-day day 16-29) or how did I get so far behind?!?

It doesn't take much for the house of cards to come tumbling down does it? Even when it is something you love doing it can still fall to pieces. A couple of school evening commitments, a busy week at work followed by a work trip away and next thing you know I am 13 days behind in sharing my Fat Mum Slim February photo-a-day pics with you. For some of these days I had planned a bit more of a story to go with them but as things have turned out I think that would be a little excessive, so I will save those stories and extra pics for a different day and for now I apologise for taking so long and giving you so many pics to look at in one go...

Day 60 (february day 29) - something I'm listening to
It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring. Well not really, but it is wet and windy and I am feeling annoyed about it. I have just gotten home from five fabulous days in Sydney, where we (Intrinsic) were exhibiting at the Home and Giving Trade Fair. I ate and drank way too much and am now feeling very podgy! I arrived home late last night and have the day off today. After sleeping a little too late this morning I optioned up on one of Andrea at Fox-in-flats' tips for the school run and threw on my gym gear. I did actually plan to go for a run, but I had a princess moment and the rain put me off. Instead I am sitting here on the computer listening to the rain and hoping it will ease off enough for me to actually run.

Day 59 (february day 28) - money
Money... or lack thereof (it's been a big weekend!)

Day 58 (february day 27) - something I ate
What and amazing Lebanese feast at El-Phoenician restaurant in Parramatta! The food was so good, the waiting staff were super friendly and the company was perfect. The only down side was the contribution this made to my current podgy feeling!! (But I still say totally worth it!)

Day 57 (february day 26) - night
Not sure that I nailed this one! It is the view from my lovely hotel room at the Pullman Hotel in Olympic Park with the room reflected in the window. Hmmm.

Day 56 (february day 25) - green
First day of the fair and when I sat down to have some lunch and flick through Instagram I realised that the theme was green and my spinach quiche and spinach and cous cous salad seemed like it would be my best option for the day. 

Day 55 (february day 24) - inside your bathroom cabinet
I left home for the airport at 5:30am so the last thing on my mind was taking photos. By the time I was thinking about the photo-a-day challenge my bathroom cabinet was inside my daggy old toilet bag that I have had for getting close to 20 years!

Day 54 (february day 23) - shoes
I do love shoes, but continuing my time poor theme of the last week, there was no time for staging some gorgeous shot. Instead these are one of my favourite pairs of shoes and are perfect for powering my ride to work.

Day 53 (february day 22) - where I work
My paid work is at the most gorgeous Intrinsic. We create beautiful greeting cards, gifts and stationery to inspire the world. The Intrinsic studios are located off the charming vine covered Chesser Street in Adelaide.

Day 52 (february day 21) - a fave photo of me
A photo of a photo, I want to say how very post-modern. But I know that just dates me as being old enough to remember a world where photos existed only in albums or in frames. And to get a copy meant taking the negative to the photo processing shop. Anyway this is one of my favourite photos of Miss M and me. It was taken by my lovely sister at Pt Vincent, my favourite place. I did have a couple of runners up for fave photo, but I asked Miss M to help me choose, so of course she chose the one of her looking super cute.

Day 51 (february day 20) - handwriting
My hand-writing on top and I think my Nanna's hand-writing on the bottom. I found the recipe tucked inside a very old edition of the Green & Gold Cookbook. I'm glad that I do have some handwritten recipes. I hope that my grandchildren enjoy reading them, like I enjoy reading old family recipes. I'm pretty sure they won't be pouring through my collection of pins on Pinterest, or looking through my bookmarks on my computer filled with nostalgia. There really is something about handwriting that evokes the presence of that person. 

Day 50 (february day 19) - something I hate to do
I hate tidying. This is the dumping ground that is my office. When we have people coming round I do an emergency surfaces tidy and everything lands in the office. I spent day 19 sucking it up and tidying this disaster zone. By the end it was looking pretty good. Not perfect, but a really good start.

Day 49 (february day 18) - drink
It looks like I spend a lot of time sitting around drinking coffee. And maybe I do! Day 18 saw me back in my favourite Saturday spot with a cafe latte and about to make a very late jump onto The Slap bandwagon.

Day 48 (february day 17) - time
It was time to clear this c**p out of my life. I was inspired by Sarah at A Beach Cottage to just get stuck in and do it. She issued a de-clutter challenge and I put up my virtual hand and said I'm in. Unfortunately, my good intentions were also derailed by my busy week. And I am a beach cottage de-clutter fail whale. But that's okay. I did make a good start and got rid of some stuff that had been hanging around for ages. And I even got $16 for the bottles! What I did do on day 17 that was awesome and I am going to continue was to set the timer for one hour and put as much as I could fit in the car boot and then took it straight to the Salvos. And that felt fantastic.

Phew! That was long. Well done and thank you if you're still reading! How has your February? Did you have good intentions de-railed by other commitments?   

Sunday, February 19, 2012

my week in black

The very stylish Andrea over at Fox in Flats has been running a series of style dares to get Mums out of the Mum uniform rut. Her first dare was to wear red lipstick from morning til bedtime, Andrea describes her inspiration here:
Am totally stealing the idea from a cool book I’ve just started to read called Anonymumsabout a few mothers who, bored with the perceived monotony of their lives, give each other dares to spice things up a little.
Made me think about how it is easy to fall into a fashion rut once we become mums, and we acquiesce into the sartorial monotony of our ‘mummy uniforms‘.
So, at Fox in Flats we’re instigating a ‘Dare of the Week‘ where each week we’ll challenge ourselves to trying something that might just be out of our style comfort-zone, but might just spice things up a little too.
I have been a long time lurker in the bloggy world and have only just started getting my confidence to participate in this beautiful community, so this is my first go at one of the Fox in Flats style dares. Those of you who know me will know that I am an absolute colour girl, so this was a massive challenge for me to do...

Day 1 - In a favourite outfit, I'm well within my comfort zone. 

Day 2 - Realised that I would have to be strategic for the week to manage my washing timing with having a suitable outfit for the day's activities. It was 35º+ today and I rode my bike to work. A fitted lined dress was not the greatest choice, but there were multiple moments when I gave myself mental high fives for the modesty leggings as my dress rode up to my upper thigh. Especially when I was riding through the construction site that used to be Victoria Park!! Another negative for this outfit was the ballet flats have a very slippery leather sole that is most unpredictable for cycling in. The MASSIVE plus was all the lovely compliments I received!

Day 3 - Today's outfit rocked! The girls at work noticed that I'd been doing something a little different, so I filled them in on the style dare. But more excitingly, I'd actually forgotten that I owned these shorts! I'm looking forward to more warm days to get more use out of them this Summer (now that I know they exist again!!) And the heels and shorts combo was so much easier to ride in than the flats and LBD from day 2!

Day 4 - I love this outfit. It was completely perfect for my day. Comfy ride to work. Stylish enough for work (I am in a creative industry, so no need for corporate attire), then perfect for helping out at basketball training after school. And suited the 30º+ temperature perfectly. All in all an excellent outfit.

Day 5 - I love this top! It is my most awesome always feel happy and confident wearing it top. I love it with this necklace. I saved it for Friday because it was the first P&F meeting of the year and I am president, so had to chair the meeting. That might make me sound like a person who is full of confidence and who knows what she is doing. But I am not. I needed a little superficial something to help me out and this outfit was it. I felt good and we had a pretty good meeting. I always feel nervous that no one will turn up. It feels like I am 15 again. I feel so relieved as I see the room starting to fill. We had lots of positive people and lots of new mums, so it is great to know that the P&F will have the strength to continue.

Day 5 (part 2) - I had planned on adding heels and extra make-up for Friday night dinner with the girls, but after getting stuck into my declutter inspired by Sarah at A Beach Cottage I was way too festy to not get changed. After taking the old clothes to the Salvos and our bottles to the recycling depot (where I also discovered that the Magill Recycling Depot take old clothes that aren't good enough for the Salvos) I had 45min to kill before school pick up. So I took myself off to Kmart and invested $29 in this cute new dress. I styled it up with my favourite brooch and beads plus a belt and was rewarded with lots of compliments from the girls. (My girl told me that she loved my outfit and thought I looked like a fashion coach, I just needed to be wearing converse high tops. I love her so much and don't want her to turn into a teenager who hates me!!) I had the most awesome dinner with a group of girls who I love and adore and who are an absolute inspiration to me.

Day 6 - I had to organise a babysitter for Friday night because Mr G had a pre-season soccer game (argh!!!!) Mr G's brother and sister-in-law stepped up and Miss M had a great night with her cousins. We had little sleep in, then picked her up from her cousin's tennis. We got to see our nephew play a terrific game of tennis. (Proud Aunty moment!) I was possibly a little hot in long pants, but was pleased that the scarf both hid my bed head, and made it look like I had made an effort! I felt super stylish doing the Saturday chores (Note all the black on the clothes line!)

Day 7 - There was a potential point of weakness on today, the final day. My sister and I run on a Sunday morning, then follow it up with a lovely coffee and a chat at Taylor Blend. I do not own a summer black running top. I could have worn a regular black singlet. But I think when you are getting close to 40 and are wearing Skins on the bottom, it's important to wear something baggy on top! Plus when you plan to run for an hour, there is no room for taking chances on clothes that could chafe.

My Skins are black and I borrowed Mr G's black Man Utd cap and decided that was close enough. I think I made it up tonight though with my black top and shorts combo with yellow accessories for dinner at the Italian Club with our cycling group.

Five lessons from my week in black:
1. A theme makes it fast and easy to get dressed in the morning (maybe the minimalists are on to something!)
2. Wearing black is like being a human vacuum cleaner (a clothes brush is your friend)
3. Having a theme makes you search your wardrobe and find things you forgot you owned.
4. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate colour into simple outfits and restyle old clothes.
5. I love leggings.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

day 47 (or feb day 16) - something new

We were at the supermarket in the spreads aisle. I lingered too long and Miss M was bugging me about Nutella. Since I quit sugar, I have just stopped buying stuff that has sugar in it at home. Nutella is one of the things she really misses still. And I have thought about making it quite a few times, but there was always a reason not to try something new and potentially messy and fiddly.

I didn't really have anything for today's theme, I had just been planning on photographing my new groceries (lame, I know). Having a go at making Nutella seemed like a much better plan.

I had bookmarked this home-made nutella recipe ages ago from chez us (I suspect I originally found it on Pinterest - where else!) Oh so this means that this is also another pinterest to real life project... go me!!

It was a little bit fiddly, but over all fairly easy. I made a couple of tweaks to the recipe. I didn't have cocoa nibs, so I just added extra cocoa powder. Next time I would not do that. I used dextrose power instead of sugar, so I needed to add two extra spoons (probably because I used too much cocoa). I used rice bran oil instead of hazelnut oil. I just used regular salt. Hmmm... it sounds significantly different to the original recipe.

I bet the Chez us version is AMAAAZING. Because mine was pretty awesome! Although it was too rich for poor Miss M. I think it is a very grown up version of nutella. I would definitely make it again, just with less cocoa, so hopefully the poor girl likes it. Although she might like it tomorrow, she's like that sometimes with new food.

Have you tried doing anything you have pinned, or are your pinterest boards just dream boards. I'd love to know what you've made. Feel free to leave the link if you like?

day 42-46 (or february day 11-15)

day 46 (or feb day 15) - phone
I wanted to do something interesting. I really do love my iPhone but I couldn't work out how to take a photo of it. Then I started to see the pictures coming up on Instagram of reflection shots. (I don't know why I didn't think of that!) Some were quite clever, like reflections in sunnies and rear-view mirrors. Not just bathroom mirrors. My sub-concious was pondering away on what to do today, and I remembered these earrings. When I was in high school I went on exchange to Chile. I got my ears pierced when I was over there. Mum and Dad would never let me! I then went on an earring purchasing frenzy! Which included these telephone earrings. I think that I used to have them in red and white as well as black. All I could find was this one.

 day 45 (or feb day 14) - heart
We don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I think it comes from a bad first experience in the early days of our relationship. Mr G ordered flowers to be sent to my work, and was expecting to get an excited thank you phone call, or at least some sort of acknowledgement. But the florist stuffed up and forgot to pack the order!! He thought the reason I didn't say thank you was because I was seeing someone else and wasn't sure who the flowers were from! But I just thought he didn't get me anything. Not good!
Clearly we moved past this early hiccup, but we haven't bothered with Valentine's gifts since then.

I got a bit excited in the morning and decided to make the girl a Valentine's themed lunchbox with pink and red food and love heart sandwiches. I also wrote a little Valentine's note for in her lunchbox (like I said I got a bit excited!) Anyway, I picked her up from school, almost bursting with my fabulousness, and as soon as we got in the car I was asking "how was your lunch today?" Her answer a deadpan "good". Hmmm I tried again with, "but was anything especially good?" "Yeah, it was all good" Anyway this went on for a while before I burst and had to ask "What about the love heart bread and the note!!" Finally she remembered and said that she thought it was nice. NICE! Just NICE! I went to all that trouble and the best she could come up with was NICE!

We talked about it again later in the evening, (I wasn't quite ready to let it go!) And it turned out that she did actually really like it all, I was just too eager bugging her with questions as soon as we got in the car. (Note to self: hold back and don't' get too excited about stuff, try to act cool with the girl)

With a theme of hearts there had to be something from Intrinsic. And my kisii stone that I keep on my desk. To round out the heart theme, Miss M got changed out of here school uniform and came out wearing her Melbourne Heart soccer top. Perfect choice and I didn't even ask her to do it. She wasn't happy to be photographed today, so logo only. It's an inexact science with getting permission to use her photo.

day 44 (or feb day 13) - blue
I was full of indecision today. I tried taking the blue sky, which was very exciting to see after the un-summer like weather of last week. But it didn't really say blue to me. I kept looking at the blue foam on the trampoline nets and thinking that I wanted to capture that feeling. Lucky for me Miss M was feeling co-operative and agreed to dress in blue and jump on the trampoline. 

day 43 (or feb day 12) - in my closet
I took a big deep breath and decided to tell it like it is. My real life looks nothing like my Pinterest boards. I am a slob! I have a lovely bid walk-in-robe and I don't even keep it looking nice. With my new Instagram addiction I have found a new blog A Beach Cottage. Sarah is doing a massive declutter at the moment and has called for others to join in. In a moment of craziness I accepted her challenge, so I look forward to this being a before photo in an awesome closet blitz!

day 42 (or feb day 11) - makes me happy
Miss M has a new Saturday morning activity that gives me a blissful hour to waste on The Parade, Norwood. It is conveniently close to the delightful Mary Martin's Bookshop with its lovely little cafe. I sat there this morning loving the peace and quiet. I had brought along a bag of recipe books to read through. I was looking for a vegetarian recipe to make for dinner that night. I found a recipe for mushroom and leek pie that gave me then inspiration to do my own version. It was so yummy. And I had an awesome evening with a people I like a lot and don't see enough of.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

stuff I've been loving this summer

Today has been such a beautiful day. The sun was out, the sky was blue and somehow that just made everything just feel good. I started the day going for a run with my sister, which is always a good thing. We had our usual coffee and chat post run (more ticks in the awesomeness column.) I got home from my run and my fabulous hubby had tidied up the debris from having friends round for dinner the night before - yay! And the memory of the really great dinner and even better catch up with friends we have not seen enough of lately was still fresh in my brain. And I got a phone call from my stepson to say that he was going to be home for dinner (we haven't seen much of him lately, which had made me feel a little cross, so that was exciting news indeed! It's weird how I get cross at him, but the only reason I am cross is because I miss him so much)

Soccer pre-season has started, so the girl and I had the house to ourselves this afternoon. I wanted to practice my photography skills in my newly discovered bathroom photo booth. (There is a chance that she spent too much time on screens today while I was distracted - the only negative in an otherwise win of a day) Summer happiness was in my head, so here is my summer happiness compilation!

1. Bargain dress from Jay Jays (I think it was only about $15 or $20)
2 Country Road hat, not such a bargain, but I did have a DJs gift card, and I have worn it heaps!
3 My own personal vintage Ray-bans (can I still call it vintage when its something I have had in the back of the cupboard since the early 90's?!?)
4 Pink beach bag from Milloe by AD designs (not sure who stocks them, I got it at the trade fair) I love the flamingo lining (stay tuned for a future flamingo feature)
5 Made by Cheeky sandals, I have loved these so much (as you can see from the dirty footprints on them!)
6 Intrinsic goals journal - I loved being on summer holidays staring out to sea, dreaming my dreams and writing in my journal
7 Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions XIV great relaxed compilation

To top off the day my beautiful boy even bought me flowers to say sorry for making me feel sad! Isn't he lovely? How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? What was the weather like in your part of the world?

Friday, February 10, 2012

day 41 - self portrait (or feb day 10)

Here I am, back in my bathroom photo booth! It is the best spot in the house for me to take a self-portrait. I love Friday, pretty sure that I have already explained why my day off is so awesome here. Anyway, I don't have any school obligations today (YAY!!!!!!!) so I dropped the girl at school and before I came home I took a quick detour to the fabulous Taylor Blend for one of their oh so good coffees. Surprisingly I didn't see anyone I knew there. It tends to be a bit of a after-the-school-drop-off Mum hang out.

Hmmm.... coffee....

Anyway I suspect it is things like buying coffee that explains why I don't have money, rather than the Feng Shui I tried blaming it on yesterday!

So you love coffee so much? Where do you like to get yours from?

day 40 - front door (or feb day 9)

Our front door looks right through to the back of the house and out the back window. I am not sure what a Feng Shui expert would say about it. I suspect it explains why I never have any money. (Because that could not possibly be my fault!!)

day 39 - sun (or feb day 8)

February has been doing some very poor work weather wise. And I will preface this by saying that I am so grateful to not be sweltering through the usual +35ºC heatwave that normally kicks in as school goes back, but it would be nice to see a little sunshine.

Today's photo challenge was sun and I did not see any sun on this day *sad face* so, I decided to make my own sun! While Miss M was doing her homework, I found some joss paper that we'd bought for an old craft project and I cut and pasted my own sun. Of course my girl was inspired by this and had to get in on the act too. It finished up being a pretty fun to do. And a good reminder that I should get the craft stuff out more often.

Have you had something that seemed bad turn out to be good?

day 38 - button (or feb day 7)

I have been feeling a little podgy since the Christmas holidays. (And the scales are backing me up on that!) Even though I have stopped eating sugar, I still put on 4kg over the holidays. I suspect the fabulous support I give to the Australian wine industry that is the cause of my problems!

I had thought that I would try Feb Fast, good thing I didn't get sponsorship, because I only lasted 3 days. I caught up with my sister after school on Friday and, well, she thought that a cheeky glass of bubbles might be good to settle our nerves. And let's be serious, that can only be a good thing! I thought maybe the rule could be that Friday's don't count. But then on Saturday night I was babysitting my nephews and had got the kids all set up to watch a movie after dinner and really started to feel a bit wine o'clock. I fessed up to my hubby about my Friday afternoon bubbles, and he fessed up to beers at the soccer! And we both agreed that if we felt like a glass of red on a Saturday night we absolutely deserved to have one!

Anyway, the point of that long rambley story is that I like a weekend tipple and my new thing is to cut out bread and pasta to try and ditch my xmas pudding. I made hummus on the weekend and have been having that with salad for lunch at work. When I started eating my lunch I remembered that the challenge for today was buttons. And I had button mushrooms in my salad. How good was that!?

Did you put on weight over the holidays? Have you managed to lose it yet? What works for you?

day 37 - dinner (or feb day 6)

Today's challenge was dinner. And it was a big "oops" for me! Miss M and I arrived home from swimming lessons, she was starving and I was in a hurry. I wanted her to do her homework and eat dinner before we had to be back at school at 6:00! I scoffed my leftover quiche with some salad (actually just some lonely lettuce), feeling very proud of myself for having the forethought to have made extra last night. 

Then I remembered that I was supposed to have taken a photo first! Oh well, too late, an empty plate it is. When we got back home my girl was of course still hungry, so we made banana custard for dessert. I think this makes up for the dodgy dinner performance. And I promise to try harder next time.

What do you do to make up for a poor performance, do you make dessert to make amends? Do you give yourself a mental beating or are you forgiving of your flaws?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

day 36 - 10:00am (or feb day 5)

10:00am was time for a Sunday morning coffee before going round to my sisters house. I was supposed to have gone for a run, but it was raining and I am not very good at running by myself at the best of times, so it wasn't that hard to stay in my PJs.

I am going to do the Barossa half-marathon again this year. I had said that I would not do it again, because I know how much work it is to train for it. But then our cycling team, room2move, are getting a group to go up and stay the weekend, and, well, it turns out that I am a sucker for a thing! So here goes, back to the training again. Yikes!! But I do love running with friends. I love to chat and catch up with out kids interrupting or listening in. It seems a little extreme to do a half-marathon just to get a private conversation, doesn't it!?!

What lengths do you go to to stop the kids listening in? Or just get some time to yourself?

day 35 - a stranger (or feb day 4)

I had a lovely 45 minutes to waste by myself on Saturday morning on the Parade Norwood, the perfect place to go was Mary Martin's Bookshop for a coffee and to soak up the beautiful books.

I was feeling a bit anxious about today's challenge (a stranger). I don't talk to strangers. I'm too shy. I discussed it with my daughter and she backed me up by saying that if I did talk to a stranger, then they wouldn't be a stranger anymore and then it would be breaking the rules. So I was completely out of my comfort zone today. As I was waiting in line for my latte I switched my phone to silent, so that it wouldn't make the clicking noise and pretended to text while I was actually taking total stalker photo of the young boy serving.

When have you felt out of your comfort zone? What did you to do cope?

day 34 - hands (or feb day 3)

I love Fridays. I work Monday to Thursday and I have Friday as my day off. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love what I do, but it is always nice to have a break. Somehow Friday's aren't really a break though. I have a terrible habit of over-committing. I think one of my old uni lecturers summed me up perfectly when he said that I like to bite off more than I can chew comfortably! I always seem to manage, but there is a whole bag of crazy that goes with it.

Anyway, Friday morning I went along to the first school assemble for the year, then had a meeting with the school principal to go through some stuff for Parents and Friends, then quickly back home, before meeting my mum and sister for lunch.

I love my iPhone and all its organising technology, but sometimes an old school palm-pilot note is the best way to remember stuff.

How do you stay on top of things? Do you use high tech organisers, or are you more old school diaries and address books?

day 33 - words (or feb day 2)

I work for Intrinsic and all of our products have the inspiring words of Adèle Basheer on them. So with the theme for today being words, it could only be the works of Adèle. This is my favourite quote:
You are the star, the dreamer, the creator of your destiny, unfold your wings and weave your magic. Adèle Basheer
Plus it is my beautiful butterfly illustration prettifying the words. And this is my new favourite product. It is our hopes, dreams and wishes journal or our Intrinsic version of a goal journal. I wrote in mine over the Christmas and New Year's holiday and one of my goals was to start a blog. And here I am. How good is that?!!

Did you set any New Year's resolutions? Did you turn them into goals? How are you going with them?

day 32 - my view today (or feb day 1)

I should have learnt to read ahead with the photo-a-day challenges. But alas I am still being caught out by my lack of preparedness (hmm... pleased to see that preparedness slipped through the spell check net, I wasn't sure if it was an actual word!) Anyway, the challenge for Jan 30 was nature, and I chose to take a photo of the gorgeous view across the Adelaide Hills from our back yard not thinking that in 3 days time the challenge would be your view!

It felt way too boring to replicate day 30. I wanted to take a photo of my view as I ride into work through the lovely leafy Adelaide suburbs, but I couldn't find a spot to get the right feeling. Instead I have chosen a city montage.

First: I love riding my bike through the beautiful parklands that surround Adelaide. But I feel massively annoyed by the construction that takes over Victoria Park from November to May as they assemble and disassemble the temproary infrastructure for the Clipsal 500 (v8 super car races).

Second: Lovely, lovely Chesser St. There is a really cool looking bike parked right outside our office door. Sadly it is not mine. Mine is safely locked away until home time. (Check out the photos below, Chesser St has become even more awesome with a Splash Adelaide Installation, it's only there for 8 weeks so we have to make the most of it)

Finally: The view through my window at work.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my crazy life (or running late again)

You can tell schools back. All my good intentions have gone out the window as the after school activities and Parents and Friends Assiciation responsibilities kick in. I had hoped to have my February photo-a-day pics up today, but after my mammoth day it is just not going to happen!

I'm typing this on my iPad and I can't work out how to post photos from here. (if anyone does know how to do it, could you please tell me?) I can't be bothered to go to the computer right now, just to post photos.

Miss M had art class straight after school (which is great because it means I can stay at work a little longer) I'm illustrating new cards at the moment, and I was a bit too in the zone and I left work late, which meant I was late to get Miss M and she wasn't happy. Then we were off to her basketball. I organised for one of the other mums to take her back to their house, because I had to go back to school for acquaintance night. I'm president of our P&F association (slightly crazy I know) and I had to talk to the year level groups of parents, encouraging them to be part of P&F, and talking up how fun it is!

Then I had to rush off to my basketball. (which we lost, again)

So here I am watching that movie with Sandra Bullock and the cute boy whose name I can't remember where she's a Canadian about to be deported, making excuses for not doing something I don't even have to do. I AM crazy.

So anyway, I promise to put up photos tomorrow.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

happy 40th anniversary Mum & Dad

Love is knowing someone completely and totally and still loving them, in spite of the things that make your head explode.

My mum and dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last weekend and their love and relationship is an inspiration. Neither of them are perfect. And they certainly drive each other crazy from time to time, but when you hear the concern in Dad's voice as he talks about Mum's health or see the look on Mum's face as Dad spins her round on the dance floor, in those moments you are seeing true love in its most beautiful and most enduring form.

They wanted to celebrate this milestone with just us, their immediate family, so we joined my sister's family and Mum and Dad at the Ventnor Hotel in Port Vincent for dinner. We had actually all been at Pt Vincent for the Australia Day weekend, so it wasn't like it was so special to all be catching up, but it was special to not have to cook dinner or do the dishes!

My sister, Roxy, and I wanted to add a little something special to the evening, and, even though I actually make greeting cards for a living, I had forgotten to get a card from work, so my daughter (Miss M) and I wandered off to the local shops to see what we could buy to decorate the table and make a card with. I was hoping for some love heart confetti, but no luck. Instead we bought some love heart stickers, regular confetti, red and gold card, and some valentines cards to cut up. (Thank goodness it's nearly Valentines Day!)

We brought our loot home and Miss M got stuck into making a card. She has such an Intrinsic heart, the poem she wrote on the front of the card is so special. Roxy's boys also wanted to get in on the action and both drew beautiful pictures for Mum and Dad.

I got to work on the table decorations, and cut up love hearts out of the left over paper. I wrote little messages on the back of the hearts, which Mum really liked. I also cut up the valentines cards and cut the letters Newton loves Sue out of card.

Miss M and I went down to the pub early to decorate the table and to make sure the drinks were all on the table ready for when the guests of honour arrived. They absolutely loved it.

We had a great meal and as we were finishing our dinner, the weather started to change and we watched the clouds rolling across the gulf, and then the water crashing over the jetty. We had no choice but to walk home in the wind and the misty rain. It was still quite warm though and the weather had quite a magical quality to it. Miss M loved the wind and rain and danced out on the balcony when we got home like a water sprite.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad xx

Have you reached a milestone celebration recently, how do you like to commemorate your special life events, do you like to decorate up a storm and have lots and lots of people, or do you like to keep it quiet with just close family or your besties? 
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