Monday, April 23, 2012

partying my arms off to battle the post-holiday blues

Yikes! I really am getting quite behind, Andrea over at Fox in Flats has already issued a new style dare and I haven't even shared the proof from the last one!! I was on holidays (in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world as my daughter precociously informed me) when I saw that Andrea had raised the gauntlet yet again, daring us to break out of our sartorial comfort zones and add some excitement to our arms with an arm party dare. My first thought was 'I am so doing this one, how cool are my proof of dare photos going to be when I am in Paris', but on the second day I realised that I only had enough bling for one day. *sad face* So I bought a new bracelet! *happy face* But I then couldn't justify blowing what was left of our spending money on bracelets, so I sadly backed out.

We arrived home and it was time to go back to work all foggy headed and jet-lagged, and I thought to myself, what better way to delay the post-holiday blues than by having an arm party for a week?! Who cares if I was doing it a week late. I didn't care, Fox in Flats even says on her blog that you can do a dare whenever you like, what's important is that you do it for seven days. And here is my proof...

Day 1: Black, silver and neutrals, to ease myself back to the real world.

Day 2: My fun Paris purchase.

Day 3: I don't work Fridays, so Thursday nights are my Fridays and it was time to toast the start of my weekend. Not quite sure what I was complaining about when I was coming back to a three day week.

Day 4: Having a silvery arm birthday party. Thank you for the beautiful flowers Mr G. (I did not want a present after going way over budget on our holiday!)

Day 5: A red arm party to sit in the sun and watch the soccer with my lovely sister in law. I wish our husbands still played for the same club, so we could do this more often.

Day 6: It started as a simple arm party, but then my sister rocked up and suddenly things were looking a little more exciting with some extra green bracelets. And my head was a little foggy the next morning after a glass of bubbles (or two or three) too many. But it had been nearly a month since we had last seen each other, so there was lots to celebrate!

Day 7: Back to work on Monday and it was a bronzed arm party for the final day. I thought the colours looked too lovely with our beautiful mug packaging to not include a gratuitous Intrinsic product shot!

Whew! What a week after all the partying I needed to lie down with an ice pack and two panadol!!
But seriously, this one was both easy and fun. Although at times slightly annoying, I don't actually like having stuff on my wrists when I am working, it rattles on the table and bugs me. Quite often I take my bracelets and watch off when I get to work and put them back on at home time! But for the arm party dare I just dealt with it.

I did make an new discovery, that a couple of my necklaces are the right length to wrap around my wrist. I love finding things that can do double duty!

This is the third style dare I've taken part in and what is interesting is how it has changed my thinking. I am still looking at adding an extra couple of bracelets when I get dressed. And months after the black out dare, I still find myself looking to the simplicity of the black in my wardrobe. AND as much as I complained about the sparkle dare, I actually bought a sequinned racer back singlet when we were in London, which I have thrashed. So it seems like, in the fashion world at least, seven days is long enough to form a new habit. I wonder what other areas of life that could work in??

Any ideas... have you formed any new habits lately? And are you going to have a go at Fox in Flats latest boot dare?


  1. Belated Happy Birthday. I like the day 4 best.

    1. Thanks Ruby, I had a really great day and I always love getting flowers (not that it happens very often!

  2. You took my breath away multiple times with your thrilling colour combos! I can't even pick a favourite :)

    1. Coming from you, with your fabulous sense of style that is a pretty big compliment! Thanks Lou x

  3. I've only just started following the FiF dares, love em! Definitely will be joining in soon. So jealous of your collection!

    I gave you a bloggy award today, check it out :)

    1. Wow!! thanks so much - that is so awesome!
      The style dares are so fun, and strangely make getting dressed in the morning easier, when half your wardrobe is filtered out!


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