Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a boot-skootingly fun week

I am not starting this post with yikes. I just read my last couple of posts and they both started 'yikes'. And it's not even like it's a cool or trendy word. But I have completed another style dare. Andrea at Fox in Flats put the challenge out there to wear boots for a week. And I knew that this was a challenge I could do without even trying. You didn't even have to wear a different pair of boots everyday. You just had to wear them differently.

But what's the fun in doing a challenge without the challenge. I had a look in my wardrobe and yes! I had enough boots to wear a different pair everyday. But that still wasn't enough of a challenge. I'd had a look on the Fox in Flats Pinterest Boot Pinboard. This got me thinking about all the boot outfits that I've pinned in my Clothes I Love Pinboard. Could I do a week of wearing boot outfits inspired by Pinterest?

(where possible I have given credit and linked to the original image. Please let me know if I have made a mistake and mis-credited)

Day 1
I was packing orders at work on day 1 and I had the bubble wrap going everywhere. Every time I stood up and accidentally trod on the bubble wrap I was secretly loving it.
Inspiration on the left from Les Composantes This blog is in French, so I have no idea what the words say, but the pictures are beautiful. On the right is my version.
Day 2
I remembered an outfit that I had pinned a while ago. Looking at the inspiration and my version it is clear that my memory of the outfit was a little different. But that didn't matter. I felt comfy and stylish and received some really nice compliments on Instagram when I posted my proof photo.

The inspiration...


My interpretation...
Clearly I remembered this outfit differently (ie the original was ballet flats NOT boots!)
Day 3
For ANZAC Day I chose a very loose interpretation of this outfit from totokaelo.com, but, well, fashion isn't meant to be prescriptive, it's all about taking a look and making it your own. Or at least thats my story and I'm sticking to it!


I liked the snuggly feel of this outfit and the grey top with black leggings and boots. I had already done both my brown boots on day one and two, so I had to substitute black boots instead. If there had been any chance of rain, my wellies would have got the guernsey they have been desperately waiting for.

We were up early for the dawn service, where my sister and I congratulated ourselves on putting together such stylish outfits at such a ridiculous hour of the morning. After refuelling with coffee I continued the ANZAC theme by making ANZAC cookies. (And yes, sugar free ones. I subbed natvia for sugar and brown rice malt syrup for golden syrup)

I then popped my ugh boots on, plonked myself on the sofa and spent the rest of the day in front of the fire watching the top 100 ANZAC Day BBQ songs and embracing my inner bogan.

Day 4
My photographer was getting bored of taking my photo, so I tried pointing out that it had to be of the boots, and things got a bit silly after that. You can see the inspiration for day 4's outfit at rosa.p. the essence was a print dress with a plain cardy, tights, and black boots. And a nice excuse to wear one of my favourite outfits.

Day 5
I broke my own rule on day 5, but I did have a good reason. Firstly, I repeated an already worn boot in the morning. But, I was in a massive hurry to get to school on time to work in the uniform shop (aren't I good!!) Secondly, and sadly I then had a funeral to go to. I rushed home to change out of my jeans and put on something a little nicer. I didn't really have time to worry about pinterest inspiration. I didn't even have time to wash my hair, so the scarf stayed in. Wearing these boots made me think of a comment someone made (maybe on the Fox in Flats blog) about square toe early 2000's boots. And here I am still wearing them. I think they're okay still?

Day 6
Again I had been hoping for a wellie boot weather for Saturday morning soccer. But as it turned out the girl didn't play anyway. I really took inspiration from the colour and pattern of this outfit. Then I took a deep breath and pulled my cowboy boots out from the back of the cupboard. Then felt quietly horrified as I realised that I bought them in Canada nearly 20 years ago. [that can't be possible, I still thought I was in my mid twenties!!] One of my lovely instagram friends made me feel much better by suggesting I call them vintage. 

JCrew Jeans

My 'Vintage' cowboy boots all the way from Edmonton, Canada

Day 7
For a quick trip to the shops I took inspiration from the image on the left from black-and-silver.tumblr.com I had been planning on wearing my elasticised work boots, but they are not RM's, just cheap boys Kmart ones and they just weren't doing it for me. I had gotten to the last day of the dare and it looked like I'd have to do a double up. My sub-conscious must have been on fashion over drive, because I remembered these boots, tucked up on the top of the wardrobe. If day 6's boots were vintage then these are positively antique (well not quite) But I did buy them in 1989 when I was on exchange in Chile. And have held onto them for all these years. 

It turns out that being a chronic hoarder is a good thing. It means I can go thrifting in my own house and discover old treasures full of history for free. How about you? Do you hold onto old clothes or do you get rid of things as soon as the fashion moment passes? And are you loving the cooler weather to be wearing boots again?


  1. I love your interpretations. This challenge sounds fun. Oh yes, I definitely hold on to my clothes, even if they are old and worn out.

    1. The style dares are really fun. Just makes life a bit more interesting for a week. I'm glad I'm not alone in hanging onto old clothes x

  2. You are so great at these dares!

    I love how you got outfit inspiration from different places - great ideas.

    Love the photos too.

    Thanks for joining in!

    x Andrea

    1. Thanks so much Andrea - coming from you that is a pretty awesome compliment x

  3. Sandra, you rock. I love all your outfits anyway, so you can't really go wrong. x

  4. Love the outfits, love the boots !

    1. Thanks Isabelle, I really enjoyed (and felt a little nervous) wearing the old ones again x

  5. So many gorgeous outfits :-) I am hanging out to buy a pair of beige or grey knee highs right now. I gotta craving. The only boots I own now are black!

    1. Thanks Kylie! Buying boots is always so tempting. Good luck finding your coloured ones x

  6. I love everything about this post!!! The boots.The clothes.The photos..I especially loooooove the Canadian boots...nice..Cheers Melissa

    1. Thanks so much, all the positive comments have given me the confidence to start wearing the Canadian ones again. Plus I love all the happy memories they bring back

  7. these picks are awesome! especially loving the ones from day 4.
    yes, being a hoarder is helpful someimes....
    loved seeing your boot challenge xx

    1. Thanks Leah - I like to justify it by saying that I can go thrifting in my own house ;-)


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