Thursday, May 31, 2012

whoo hoo - Barossa half-marathon 2012 DONE

We did it!!! Thanks to the SA Road Runners Club for making the links to the photos available from Smug Mug. I was so pleased to have finished faster than last year (just!) in 2 hours 9 minutes and 16 seconds! Here I am crossing the finish line with my fabulous sister...

Mr G was a superstar to run the 5km with the girl. A lifetime of soccer has left him with two dodgy knees, so he did really well. Especially as the girl surprised him by actually running most of it! Well done to both of them.

Photos Michael Slagter

Apres race at the delightful Maggie Beer's Farm Shop indulging in a little of the Barossa's finest

Pindarie Winery
The Monday after the race we went back to our favourite family friendly winery, Whistler Wines, where the lovely lady suggested we might enjoy going to Pindarie Winery for a pie for lunch. She was so right. Everyone in our group had the lamb, olive and chorizo pie and all declared it to be the greatest pie ever. There was a beautiful space outdoors for the kids to play, and as it is a working farm there were even some lambs which the kids were able to feed (this does not happen all the time) And none of us missed the irony of eating lamb pie!

Pindarie Winery (potentially the reason I ran a half marathon and put on weight!)
It was a fabulous weekend in the Barossa with an inspirational group of adults and children who either competed or were support crew for the competitors. Congratulations to everyone involved. And especially thank you to Chrissi for inspiring and motivating the group to make an event of it and stay over in the Barossa. If it weren't for you Chrissi, I would have been happy with last years effort and never done it again.

Have you smashed any goals lately, or is there something you have your eye on to achieve?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ruby - I was really proud of myself for doing it again

  2. Great Pix

  3. congratulations!! and yay, for your mr and daughter. that after pics are so lovely. it was really lovely following you over the weekend on IG. happy weekend xxx

    1. Thanks so much Leah - I loved having all the beautiful support from all the IGers x

  4. YAY!
    Awesome Effort & BIG Congrats!

    1. Thank you it was really hard but worth it and I loved all the positive comments on IG x

  5. wow,awesome job!! such an accomplishment!

    thanks for the comment and stopping by my blog :)

    great blog you have!


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