Friday, February 10, 2012

day 37 - dinner (or feb day 6)

Today's challenge was dinner. And it was a big "oops" for me! Miss M and I arrived home from swimming lessons, she was starving and I was in a hurry. I wanted her to do her homework and eat dinner before we had to be back at school at 6:00! I scoffed my leftover quiche with some salad (actually just some lonely lettuce), feeling very proud of myself for having the forethought to have made extra last night. 

Then I remembered that I was supposed to have taken a photo first! Oh well, too late, an empty plate it is. When we got back home my girl was of course still hungry, so we made banana custard for dessert. I think this makes up for the dodgy dinner performance. And I promise to try harder next time.

What do you do to make up for a poor performance, do you make dessert to make amends? Do you give yourself a mental beating or are you forgiving of your flaws?

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