Thursday, February 16, 2012

day 47 (or feb day 16) - something new

We were at the supermarket in the spreads aisle. I lingered too long and Miss M was bugging me about Nutella. Since I quit sugar, I have just stopped buying stuff that has sugar in it at home. Nutella is one of the things she really misses still. And I have thought about making it quite a few times, but there was always a reason not to try something new and potentially messy and fiddly.

I didn't really have anything for today's theme, I had just been planning on photographing my new groceries (lame, I know). Having a go at making Nutella seemed like a much better plan.

I had bookmarked this home-made nutella recipe ages ago from chez us (I suspect I originally found it on Pinterest - where else!) Oh so this means that this is also another pinterest to real life project... go me!!

It was a little bit fiddly, but over all fairly easy. I made a couple of tweaks to the recipe. I didn't have cocoa nibs, so I just added extra cocoa powder. Next time I would not do that. I used dextrose power instead of sugar, so I needed to add two extra spoons (probably because I used too much cocoa). I used rice bran oil instead of hazelnut oil. I just used regular salt. Hmmm... it sounds significantly different to the original recipe.

I bet the Chez us version is AMAAAZING. Because mine was pretty awesome! Although it was too rich for poor Miss M. I think it is a very grown up version of nutella. I would definitely make it again, just with less cocoa, so hopefully the poor girl likes it. Although she might like it tomorrow, she's like that sometimes with new food.

Have you tried doing anything you have pinned, or are your pinterest boards just dream boards. I'd love to know what you've made. Feel free to leave the link if you like?


  1. I didn't need to see that on a Sunday Morning with a cup of coffee..

    the sugar receptors are all charging about now.

    1. Excellent result! I can thoroughly recommend having a go at it. So much better than the real thing.

  2. I have a slight addiction to sugar so the very notion of being able to make my own nutella is dangerous! Looks fab xx

    1. You have to do it - I used to love nutella on a PMS inspired binge I've been known to down half a jar! But this version is almost good for you. With all the fibre from the nuts I'm ready to call it a health food!!


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