Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my crazy life (or running late again)

You can tell schools back. All my good intentions have gone out the window as the after school activities and Parents and Friends Assiciation responsibilities kick in. I had hoped to have my February photo-a-day pics up today, but after my mammoth day it is just not going to happen!

I'm typing this on my iPad and I can't work out how to post photos from here. (if anyone does know how to do it, could you please tell me?) I can't be bothered to go to the computer right now, just to post photos.

Miss M had art class straight after school (which is great because it means I can stay at work a little longer) I'm illustrating new cards at the moment, and I was a bit too in the zone and I left work late, which meant I was late to get Miss M and she wasn't happy. Then we were off to her basketball. I organised for one of the other mums to take her back to their house, because I had to go back to school for acquaintance night. I'm president of our P&F association (slightly crazy I know) and I had to talk to the year level groups of parents, encouraging them to be part of P&F, and talking up how fun it is!

Then I had to rush off to my basketball. (which we lost, again)

So here I am watching that movie with Sandra Bullock and the cute boy whose name I can't remember where she's a Canadian about to be deported, making excuses for not doing something I don't even have to do. I AM crazy.

So anyway, I promise to put up photos tomorrow.

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