Wednesday, February 8, 2012

day 32 - my view today (or feb day 1)

I should have learnt to read ahead with the photo-a-day challenges. But alas I am still being caught out by my lack of preparedness (hmm... pleased to see that preparedness slipped through the spell check net, I wasn't sure if it was an actual word!) Anyway, the challenge for Jan 30 was nature, and I chose to take a photo of the gorgeous view across the Adelaide Hills from our back yard not thinking that in 3 days time the challenge would be your view!

It felt way too boring to replicate day 30. I wanted to take a photo of my view as I ride into work through the lovely leafy Adelaide suburbs, but I couldn't find a spot to get the right feeling. Instead I have chosen a city montage.

First: I love riding my bike through the beautiful parklands that surround Adelaide. But I feel massively annoyed by the construction that takes over Victoria Park from November to May as they assemble and disassemble the temproary infrastructure for the Clipsal 500 (v8 super car races).

Second: Lovely, lovely Chesser St. There is a really cool looking bike parked right outside our office door. Sadly it is not mine. Mine is safely locked away until home time. (Check out the photos below, Chesser St has become even more awesome with a Splash Adelaide Installation, it's only there for 8 weeks so we have to make the most of it)

Finally: The view through my window at work.

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