Tuesday, January 24, 2012

day 24 - guilty pleasure

I was a bit perplexed about what to choose for today's challenge. As I rode my bike to work I tried to think of a guilty pleasure. I don't eat sugar, so if I do eat dessert it is an absolute choice to do it and I don't feel guilty for making that choice. I drink plenty of wine, but I certainly never feel guilty about that! Same goes for coffee. Sometimes I feel guilty when my husband rings to check where I am and I am at my sister's house drinking coffee and wine. But there was no time to visit her for a photo shoot.

So when I saw that the lovely Trish had brought satsuma plums from her mum's garden into Intrinsic to share with us, I had to have one. And the first bite took me back to my childhood and Nanna's garden, and it was absolute pleasure and not a trace of guilt. The plum also matched perfectly with my beautiful angel mug (cleverly illustrated by me!) So how could I not make that my choice for day 24.

Except, when I was riding back from work I remembered. Pinterest. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I love to browse through other people's pins, aimlessly looking for beautiful things, or clever ideas. And its like pringles, you just can't stop at one. Sometimes I sit on the sofa browsing through Pinterest on my iPad while my husband is watching TV and I'll just keep pinning and pinning and pinning until I fall asleep on the sofa cuddled up to my screen.

What's your guilty pleasure? Is yours screen based like mine? Do you ban your kids from using screens, but sneakily use your iPhone (or other technology)?

If you want to find out what the fuss about pinning is, send me an email, sandra[at]papersandscissors.com.au and I'll send you an invite.


  1. uhh guilty pleasure pinterest?? ME TOO. so addicting. but, i love it!

    1. Hi Rachel, I really do love it to, I lose hours scrolling through beautiful images. Sx


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