Monday, January 16, 2012

welcome to paper sand{ra} life... third time lucky

In the spirit of just starting, welcome to paper sand{ra} life. It is not perfect, it's not even close to being perfect. But, I'm pretty sure, just having a go is much more important than just sitting watching other people and thinking "I could do that"

This is not my first attempt at this blog, it is not even my second go. It is in fact my third attempt. However, in what I can only describe as the universe telling me to make a fresh start, I accidentally deleted both of my previous entries! How on earth did I do this? Well, it's like this, I was playing on my iPad, trying to work out how to post from my iPad (I still haven't worked out how to!) and I just meant to delete the first entry, but accidentally deleted both other entries too. That's pretty clumsy isn't it?!

So anyway, here I am with my fresh start.

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