Sunday, January 29, 2012

day 28 - light

The dog woke me up to be let out at about 6:00am. I was about to go back to bed when I caught a glimpse of the sky and remembered the theme for day 28 was light. (After the something I made debacle on day 25, I've been making an effort to check the next day's theme in advance.)  Perfect! I was just in time to catch the sunrising over the ocean. Dad joined me on the balcony and we enjoyed each others company as I took a photo every few seconds. I love the tiny spot of light as the sun begins to kiss the sky.

I found it hard to choose just one shot for light. Probably because I was narrowing it down from about 80 photos! I posted the top one as my choice for day 28, but I really think the bottom one is my favourite. What do you think?

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