Sunday, January 29, 2012

day 27 - lunch

Lunch today was at Chill Out Coffee Shop, I had the yummiest lamb burger on damper. I'm sure no good can come from eating so much meat, but it was so deliciously worth it.

Thinking about lunch got me thinking about making lunches, and that the school holidays are coming to an end. I'm starting to panic. I'm not ready. I know that other people get over it by the end of the summer holidays, but I really just want one more week. Don't get me wrong, the juggle of working and organising childcare is a hassle, but it is so worth it on the days that I don't work, and don't have to make lunch, and don't have to be on repeat yelling 'hurry up'. I struggle with time management and seem to have passed that trait onto my daughter!

Our aim for this term is to be on time every day. Planning With Kids has a great round up of ways to be organised for school. I have poured through her tips and am feeling slightly more hopeful that we can get our act together this year.

What are your tricks for being organised in the morning?


  1. So far, so good with the time management for school arrival Sandra!

    1. We are doing well thanks Kelly. I'm calling it 3 for 3 even though we were getting out the car this morning as the bell was going. But if I hadn't have done the dishes before we left we would have arrived before the bell, so I think that can count.


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