Friday, January 27, 2012

hello, welcome to my world

This possibly should have been my first post, but I am going with the flow and not stressing about things being perfect. That way there are no excuses to not blog. If you look at my profile you'll see this was started back in 2007. That's 5 years of excuses. It's about time I just started. If thats what I want to do.

all about me
I'm mum to the gorgeous Miss M and step-mum to the also gorgeous (and very big) G.
I have a husband who finds my various crazes slightly amusing, and hopefully a little bit charming.
We live in the Adelaide Hills and I still find the noise that koalas make startling.
I like to run with and chat to and drink wine with my sister (not all at the same time though).
I love to ride my bike, especially downhill with a tail wind. It feels like I am flying.
I love cooking and try to buy and make healthy food and I don't eat sugar.
And my favourite place to be is on holidays at Pt Vincent talking rubbish with my family and staring out to sea.
I play basketball very poorly and I watch a lot of soccer.
I am president of Miss M's school P&F (a slightly crazy, but good commitment to take on)
I like the idea of being organised and punctual, but the reality is that I am not!
I suspect that I overuse exclamation marks!!

I like to draw and cut and paste. I am lucky enough to get paid to do this and I get to work school hours. Perfect Mum Job. I illustrate and design greeting cards, stationery and gifts for Intrinsic. My job is to make Adèle Basheer's words look beautiful. And I love it. Sarah did a great profile on me for our Intrinsic newsletter a few years ago, I still really like it.

I like setting myself goals, normally, I eventually achieve them.

I'm still not sure what the focus of paper sand{ra} life will be, hopefully you'll join me and we can work it out together. Let me know what you think xx


  1. What a beautifully perfect description of one of my favourite people in the world. You're amazing!! I live reading your blog so very much. Rox Xx

    1. Thanks Rox! Good to know that I got it right (certainly you would know if it wasn't!) xx


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